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WordPress – Website Business Essential!

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WordPress is a blog software that is great for all small business websites. You can use the blog features or just build a simple website.  WordPress makes updating and creating a search engine friendly website easy.

20% of all websites use WordPress, making it easy to find help with your small business website.  After 15 years of building websites in many different platforms, I find WordPress easier than the competition.

Google Apps – Website Business Essential!

Google Apps Expert

Google is one of the best companies for small business.  They give a ton of free tools.  Google Apps is a paid service.  (About $50 a year per user.)  This means that you will not need a mail server and your IT cost may be less.  You receive direct phone support from Google.  Google Apps can be used for serving files, email, video, calendar and more.  All this on your website domain, making branding your company easier.

Also a Google Apps email account uses Gmail. This email account is becomes your Google account, which can access any Google product.  The difference is you can manage what your users can access.  If you have a company with 10 employees you can manage what Google apps they can use with their account.

Many fortune 500 companies and education institutions use Google Apps.  Small businesses benefit from this great software since you will be able to compete with larger companies easier.

I have been using Google Apps for years and have setup many small businesses with this excellent software.  Contact Google at www.google.com/a for more information.  You can call and talk with a Google Sales rep for a custom solution. Here is Google explaining it in their own words…

Resources for WordPress Google Apps

Blog Articles on WordPress Google Apps:
Please look at How to Start a website and Business Website Essentials for the basics!  I have based my business and my expertise on a couple of essentials.  WordPress and Google Apps are the core to all my businesses and clients businesses. These top tools will help expand your business online. They help organize your business online.  Also these tools make it easier to contact new clients.

Top WordPress Google Apps Resources:

  • Google Apps – Your own branded email, calendar, and Collaboration tools.
  • WordPress – Installed on your domain.
  • Studio Press – Genesis Premium Themes
  • Google tools:
    •  Webmaster tools – tools from Google on your website.  Tells you if there are any issues with your website from Google’s eye.  Also where you rank with keywords.
    • Google Analytic – Analytics that are web-based and easy to use.
    •  Google Places – Local directory for your business that helps you rank better on Google.
    • Google + – Google’s social network that has great business tools.

Enjoy these tools to create a successful website and business online.  I Will be adding more WordPress and google app resources and posts soon.  Be sure to subscribe for FREE updates so you don’t miss them.