New Security Upgrade- Lick Your Phone to Login

Log in to Your Phone by Licking Now! Lick Security Many companies are talking about a new security feature that you will no longer need passwords or codes. You can just lick your screen.  The licking setting should be automatically updated to all computers and smart phones TODAY.  This will make you and your data 1 million times more secure.

This will mean no more needing to remember any password ever again.  Your tongue is your security password. You will just stick out your tongue and touch your screen.  While developing the technology there were some people who experienced minor electrical discharge.  Manufactures say this is less than 1% of subjects.  They weren’t able to talk for a short amount of time but recovered quickly.

It is also safe for pets. This open up the a secure way your pet can access your computer or smart phone.  For the first time you can give your pet an account on your computer or phone.  They will be able to login to these devices all by themselves.

It’s being called Lick Security. There is a limited release that is already available for some laptops and phones.  The update might already be waiting for you.

Lick Security technical advantages of:

  • Uses your unique DNA
  • Thieves will less likely steal your phone after you lick it
  • No two people lick the same
  • Almost impossible to access your computer or phone unless YOU lick it!
  • Compatible with all Applications, use it to login to your favorite websites.

With every new technology there are downfalls.  Some people will say screens are dirty and you can get sick from licking.  There has been no proven data to suggest screening licking causes any sickness.  There is a possibility of electrical shock due to liquid from our tongues in close connection to battery devices.  Further it is unwise to lick a scratched or damaged screen.

Security experts agree that it will be much safer then passwords and thumb printing since it’s hard to duplicate or steal someone’s tongue.

Check with your laptop and smart phone manufactures to see if Lick Secure is on your phone.  Updates are being pushed out today.  You can never be too secure.


To your Lick Success,




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