About Terry Culkin – Internet Business Coach

Terry Culkin

Hello, I’m  Terry Culkin, an Internet Business Coach.  For most people who meet me, I’m a dad and loving husband to my wife, Barbara Culkin who is a Mom Entrepreneur and Home and Image Stylist.

I am a technologist at heart.  It all started when I was about 12 years old and took apart the family computer.  My dad wasn’t happy and saw the dollar signs, but it made me a self-taught computer guy!

Since then, I quickly realized it was my passion to teach others about the technology world.

Over the years, I found myself working with small businesses.  First with setting up networks and fixing computers, then building websites.  I now help small businesses use FREE and low-cost Internet tools to become tech savvy business owners.

Are you Tech Savvy in your Business?

To tell the world about your business, you need a website. See my post on How to Start A Website for detailed steps and info.  This isn’t just one blog post.  Nope.  This is a whole bunch of step-by-step instructions on how a business owner can make and enhance their website.  This is about you telling your business story to the entire world.  I help you let the world know about your business!

With Business Website Essentials, we constantly improve how your business functions technically.  This section uses Cloud applications that raise your ‘Internet Voice’.   Whether it’s using a new plugin in WordPress or sending out tweets with hashtags, there are many tools online. I help you find the best ones for your business.

I believe that cloud tools could save your business thousands of dollars a month.  That is why I review and give tips on how to use Cloud based applications and tools. With great applications like Google Drive and DropBox, you can access all your files anywhere you are!  How great is that?! I love this technology and would love to share it with you!

I am always available for questions and comments.  You can contact me on my Twitter, Facebook or directly through my contact page.  Businesses will also benefit from leaving a comment on my blog pages that link back to their website.

Each week join me as we explore and enhance your website and online presence. Sign up below for updates!