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There is nothing frustrating than your website not working.  Over 3,000 websites are hacked a day.  I help business owners create a secure online environment.

FREE! Free coaching…

It might sound crazy but I’m happy to help you for FREE.  YES it is crazy but I can’t stand to see you hitting your head against your laptop, and I’m sure that is not covered under the warranty(or your insurance!). So let’s get together:

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Services to Get YOUR WEBSITE RUNNING & Stay Running:

Let’s face it, if your website is broke or non-existing, your business might be too!  Your website is the store-front-window of modern times.  Let’s make sure your website works for you and your business.

WordPress Website Lockdown!  Secure Your Website Today! – (Click for more info)

lock-Work-With-meDid you know that more than 30,000 websites are hacked a day?  I’m not making this up. Please read this FORBES Article. I help business owners secure their WordPress website.  I do not want your website to be part of that 30,000.   A matter of fact, many of those people could’ve prevented the issue. It’s hard to keep up with security but it’s a good thing there are so many great tools.  Trust me – I do not go in and patch things with duct-tape.  I use top of the line tools that ensure your website will be safe. However, keeping it safe is also a job (I have a service for that too.. self indulging plug!)

$399.00 Add to cart

With my Website Lockdown service, you will get top service that will secure your WordPress website.

Interested? Take a more detailed look at the Secure Your Website Today service.  As always send me a Tweet or Facebook post as well.

WordPress Tech Support & Security -(more info)

Gear-Work-With-meHere’s the thing, once you have a WordPress website, you need to maintain it.  Just like your maintain your car and house. Your website needs maintenance too! That’s part of life.  If you don’t keep things up, they fall apart.  If you are depending on your website for your business it’s necessary your are:

  • backing it up
  • scanning it for hackers and malware
  • updating all the core applications
  • Updating plugins and themes
  • Monitoring Google Webmaster Tools & Google Analytics

The problem is most people only have time to update the content. There is much more to running a business online than just the content. The question is, do you want to do all this yourself or hire someone?

To summarize,  I will secure, backup and update your website. This means you focus on your business.  These three plans fit any budget. Click here for more info.

Interested?  Take a more detailed look at WordPress Tech Support service and the three options.

Services That Everyone Else Forgot About…

Most Web Gurus will do the above servcies and that is it.  Yes, I could’ve done that.  BUT the truth is – you are worth SO much more than that, so I am breaking that law of THREE.  Yes all you marketers out there breath in deeply!  I want to give you more of a choice. (Which I have read is very bad to do since most Internet Users have AHDA. I didn’t finish reading that article…) The point here is you need more help and I’m here giving it to you. So Here are three more services that I can help your website and business with:

Website Review, Evaluation and Optimization

I’m not talking a thumbs up or down.  There are a lot of things you need on your website (Here’s an example 7 Things Your Customers Need To See On Your Small Business Website). I will review your website and give you a detailed report on how to fix it.  One of my packages even sets up the services you need to keep your website managed and working properly. Interested?

$79 For basic evaluation report and optimization. 

  • Simple report on website optimization.
  • Look and feel of website.
  • Easy to understand what the website is for.
  • Technical structure – broken links, contact info, Social Media.
  • Review the website to make sure nothing is slowing down or hurting your ranking.
  • Speed time.
  • $79.00 Add to cart

    (5 to 7 days turn around)

$399  – For advanced – Everything included in Basic  package PLUS MORE.

  • Everything included in Basic  package plus
  • Includes setting up Google Analytics and Webmaster Tools if not installed.  Quick tour of them as well.
  • Full keywords and one live session plus full report.
  • Test back-links and report which sites are helping your ranking.
  • Speed time and how to speed up your site if needed.
  • Remove un-needed plugins and themes.
  • $399.00 Add to cart

     (5 to 10 days turn around.)

(WARNING: Suggestions are not guarantees to increase page ranking.  These optimizations help and without them your website may not perform an and be up to speed. Google and other search engines have an ever changing  secret formula for search ranking, meaning there is no magic formula to be and keep the number one spot without constant content and proven expertise on the subject.)

What else can Terry help you and your website with?

Please contact me if you need help or need further information on a product or service.  I am available on Twitter and Facebook and you can always use the contact form on the contact page.   With all these ways to talk with me, why are you ‘thinking about it’? Save your website, help your business!  Let’s work together.

To Your Tech Success,