Small Business Website Essentials

Your business website needs to raise it’s Internet Voice today! You need to tell the world about you, your company and what you’re doing every day and week.  This is called content marketing.  No one but you can let the world know about your small business. This page is all about business website essentials.

Use your Internet Voice to Strengthen your Website

business website essentialsThe point of having a website is to increase customers.  Customers love to buy things. If you do not have a website that is spreading your Internet voiceNOW is the time!  Do not underestimate the power of content marketing and talking directly to your customers. If you are serious about attracting more customers you need these business website essentials:

  • Start a business website.
  • Write about everything you tell your customers.
  • Use video, pictures and audio.
  • Use social media to link back to your posts.

To help you enhance your small business website, I have compiled a list.  These are the best tips I have for building a kick-ass small business website.  If you haven’t started a business website yet, take a look at How to Start a Website section first.

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More business website essentials articles coming soon…

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