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Your website is your businesses heart beat. You need proper WordPress Website Security.  Make sure the website is secure and working great.  WordPress is a great solution for all size businesses.  However, over 30,000 websites are hacked a day.  It doesn’t take a lot of time to prevent 90% of hacks.

My Website Security Checkup reviews your entire website and locks it down. I will run tests on your website to determine if there are any issues.  Issues that I can quickly patch, I will.padlock-172770_1920

WordPress Website Security package services include:

  • Remove old Plugins and Themes
  • Scan website
  • Install and configure Security Plugins
  • Make sure Webmaster Tools is installed and give instructions on it.
  • Create a secure Login
  • Create a secure easy to remember password
  • Create a complete backup of your website.
  • Create multiple accounts and levels if needed (know what permissions to give other users on your website.)
  • Clean out database – optimize tables
  • Secure and update Core, Plugins and themes

NOTE:  To be able to run a security checkup you will need to give me username and password to your website. The WordPress Website Security checkup can only be completed with full website access.  You can create a new administrator account (which is recommended) or give your current account.  If you use the current password for other logins, please change it before giving it out.  It is not good practice to give any passwords that you use else where to any third party.

Guarantee / Warranty:  If there is more security issues and your website is compromised than an estimate for a full cleaning may be created.  No work on that would start until approved by you.  There is a 30 day email support after our discussion.  Once work is complete there is no money back. There is no 100% guarantee that your website will not be hacked. It is impossible for anyone to guarantee that. However, if you have a breach or security issue within 30 days of checkup I will review and help you solve the issue. If for some reason we find there was a major intrusion, you would be refunded all your money.

Realize you will need to maintain your website to keep it secure. WordPress Website Security is a one time checkup like you would get a tune-up for your car. Most of the security maintenance you can do this yourself.  I also have a service that does monthly maintenance, security and backup.


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  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    Thank you. Found the services extremely helpful. Can not believe my site was open to disaster. Thanks talking with about it and fixing it.

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