5 Easy Ways to Backup a WordPress Website

The first line of a secure WordPress website is to be prepared. Backing up your website offsite (meaning not only on your web host) will guarantee if something happens you can recover your business website quickly. You are protecting your online business success by automating your backups. Everyone who is running a business online needs […]

Create a Faster and Secure Website with CloudFlare

Hackers, malware, and spam! Oh, My!  It’s hard to manage an online business, and everywhere you go you hear all the horror stories of Internet Security.  How do you protect yourself? How do you protect your business website? First, I always tell my clients to make sure you have a good automatic backup.  Next, secure […]

7 Must Have WordPress Plugins for your Business Website

WordPress is king. Currently 20% of websites out there are using WordPress.  Meaning it is easy to get help and by far the most popular way to build a website.  It’s easy to update your website once you learn it. WordPress has great core features that can help get your website started quickly. It’s also […]

7 laws of Promoting Your Small Business Online

We live in an Internet world.  If you have a business then you need a website and social media.  I cover a lot of that with my How to start a website corner stone.  The truth is, promoting online really helps get customers locally and internationally. The problem that most people have with promoting their […]

How to Start A Website | Buy a Domain Name and Web Hosting

This is part of How to Start a Website section!  Here I offer a step-by-step guide on building your business website. After you have planned and looked over your keywords, it’s time to buy a domain name for your business website. Here are the steps: Select a domain name (Your www.yourbusinesswebsite.com) Choose a web hosting plan that […]

Control Your Small Business Website Before You Hire a Web Designer

If you are going to hire someone to build or update your small business website you need to control it.  There are a lot of issues you might get into down the road if you don’t follow the following tips.  Or learn to build your own WordPress Website: Control Your Domain: Don’t let anyone buy […]

Is your small business website Finding Nemo?

Your Small Business Website lost in the Internet Ocean In the movie Finding Nemo, a father who happens to be a Clown fish searches the entire ocean for his little fish, son.  The amazing part is they do find each other at the end.   The true story is his survival and determination. The father went […]

Why use StudioPress Genesis Framework themes for WordPress?

Many people who are new to WordPress will start out with the thousands of free themes that are offered for WordPress.  Some are okay, however, most are poorly written or outdated.  A free theme could open your website up to hackers, so beware.  My favorite theme Frameworks is the StudioPress Genesis themes.  StudioPress Genesis is created […]

The easiest way to install WordPress

WordPress is the number one wWebsite management software(known as a Content Management Software) in the world.  Millions of large and small businesses use this software because it is easy to update.  Many people ask about installing WordPress.  This is a tricky answer.  Yes, WordPress is easy to install and can be installed less than a minute on […]

WordPress Security InfoGraphics

I always tell my clients to make sure that WordPress is always up to date. WordPress Security is very important!  If they can’t update the software I do provide a service to do so. While WordPress gives the best tools to make a great website and give your customers the information they crave in this […]