Gravatar – The Secret Small Business Website Essential

Do you ever wonder how some people have their picture on blog comments? There is secret tool out there called Gravatar.  This is the best and easiest to use Cloud App on the market. All Gravatar does is create a picture business card.  This business card is put on blogs that you comment on.  This […]

7 laws of Promoting Your Small Business Online

We live in an Internet world.  If you have a business then you need a website and social media.  I cover a lot of that with my How to start a website corner stone.  The truth is, promoting online really helps get customers locally and internationally. The problem that most people have with promoting their […]

7 Twitter Secrets to Promote Your Small Business Website

Twitter is a great and powerful business tool. Using Twitter in business will increase your brands exposure.  Also, Twitter is a great way to get customers to your small business website.   Here are some quick tips that will help you promote your business and expertise on Twitter.  Discover these Twitter secrets below: Note: I […]

Creative Ways to Build a Following With Content Marketing

This is a continuation of ‘What is small business content marketing’.  To understand and use content marketing for your small business website, you need to look at it like reporters do.  Think of the ‘who, what, where, when and why’.  In this blog post we are talking about the ‘who’. Who are your customers? I’m […]

What is Small Business Website Content Marketing?

 Small Business Website Content Why does your small business need a website? A website is a tool for your business. A small business website markets your business online. Meaning, it attracts new customers and keeps old ones. For your website to do this, you need to constantly maintain it, like you would a store front […]

Burnt Toast is the Biggest Small Business Tech Issue

My wife is upstairs with the kids and that gray round buzzer thing (yeah the smoke alarm!) is screaming at me. Another burnt toast morning.  Burnt toast is all about small business tech.  How we handle burnt toast is how most business owners handle small business tech issues. Is it me? Or is it this toaster? Or that […]

Control Your Small Business Website Before You Hire a Web Designer

If you are going to hire someone to build or update your small business website you need to control it.  There are a lot of issues you might get into down the road if you don’t follow the following tips.  Or learn to build your own WordPress Website: Control Your Domain: Don’t let anyone buy […]

Your Small Business Website Voice is Internet Marketing

Your Small Business Website Voice Technology evolves.   Especially for a small business website. Many people are scared of technology.  What they don’t realize is everything they use today is technology.  Everything from the TV to the Microwave to the door hinge is technology.  These devices were created for one purpose, to make life easier.  There is no reason […]

Is your small business website Finding Nemo?

Your Small Business Website lost in the Internet Ocean In the movie Finding Nemo, a father who happens to be a Clown fish searches the entire ocean for his little fish, son.  The amazing part is they do find each other at the end.   The true story is his survival and determination. The father went […]

Top 6 Reasons to use WordPress for your Small Business Website

When I talk with my clients about building a small business website I explain to them that I use WordPress blogging software.  The first reaction is always the same, ‘I don’t want a Blog.’  I understand their concern however, I do believe that small business websites do benefit from WordPress and blogging.  It has been […]