How to Create a Secure Password That’s Easy to Remember

Everyone tells you that you need a secure password.  You shouldn’t even use 1-2-3-4-5 for your luggage (Yes SpaceBalls reference!).  Actually you need a unique secure password for every website you login to!  WHAT THE BLEEP !!!! Seriously, how in bleeping smurfs can one person remember all those passwords?  Impossible. Of course you can buy software.  […]

7 Must Have WordPress Plugins for your Business Website

WordPress is king. Currently 20% of websites out there are using WordPress.  Meaning it is easy to get help and by far the most popular way to build a website.  It’s easy to update your website once you learn it. WordPress has great core features that can help get your website started quickly. It’s also […]

The Hidden Google Search Tools That Save Time

Google is the almighty solution to find anything.  I previously talked about 3 Secret Advanced Google Search Tips to Find What You Want. Now lets talk about one Google search feature that few people use but it’s a lifesaver. When you Search Google, you don’t always get what you’re looking for.  Let’s face it most […]

The Secret to Look Smarter Than Einstein in Business

Einstein is seen as the smartest guy who ever lived.  Why? What made him so smart? Many people have studied him and his brain to try to discover the magic formula.  There has been a ton of books on this subject.  How can you be smarter than Einstein? Business leaders need to be Tech-Savvy smart […]

How to Protect Your Business Against Cyber Security Threats

Today we live in an online business world.  No matter what business we run, everything is done online.  I believe when you use online tools you make running a business easier. Avoiding cyber security threats is a must. With everything there is always a down side.  Cyber Security Threats are a huge problem for all […]

How to Start A Website | Buy a Domain Name and Web Hosting

This is part of How to Start a Website section!  Here I offer a step-by-step guide on building your business website. After you have planned and looked over your keywords, it’s time to buy a domain name for your business website. Here are the steps: Select a domain name (Your Choose a web hosting plan that […]

Burnt Toast is the Biggest Small Business Tech Issue

My wife is upstairs with the kids and that gray round buzzer thing (yeah the smoke alarm!) is screaming at me. Another burnt toast morning.  Burnt toast is all about small business tech.  How we handle burnt toast is how most business owners handle small business tech issues. Is it me? Or is it this toaster? Or that […]

When the Internet Business Coach Website breaks

As an Internet Business Coach, I have people calling me in a panic all the time. “My website is down!” “Something’s wrong with my website!” I look over the website and fix the issue.  After all, that is what an Internet Business Coach does.  Helps people with their Internet struggles. Every day someone, somewhere has an issue with their […]

7 Quick ways Small Businesses Communicate with Clients Today!

There are many more then 7 ways for small businesses to communicate with clients online today.  This list is just a quick start to get you, the small businesses, to think BIG.  The main point of having a website and being online is to interact and attract clients. As the Internet changes, new ways of […]