6 Mistakes On Your Small Business Website

Is your website marketing your small business? Reviewing many websites I have found 6 missing elements that hurt your business. A website is not a light fixture. You just don’t flip the switch. You need virtual items that people expect. A website is your businesses Store Window. If you had a broken table with dust on […]

5 Free Ways To Increase Website Traffic Today

We all want more.  When you are running an online business or any business that has a website, you want more people to see your website.  Here are 5 quick ways to Increase website Traffic today!  The great thing about them, they’re FREE! 1 – BlogLovin – Follow blogs and post your own. Bloglovin allows […]

How to Run Your Online Business Like Mickey Mouse?

My sons love Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.  They can watch this show for hours, if we let them.  Occasionally when I’m not writing or find myself needing a break, I will watch a couple of minutes.  All parents do!  It’s our form of downtime. Looking at Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, it’s run like a business.  Mickey is […]

3 Secret Advanced Google Search Tips to Find What You Want

We’ve all been there.  We are on the hunt for something.  We do what any 21st century person does. We Google it!  The first 10 results are spanned in front of us. They are not what we are looking for…. Sound familiar?  You have two options.  Go to the next page, than the next page […]

Gravatar – The Secret Small Business Website Essential

Do you ever wonder how some people have their picture on blog comments? There is secret tool out there called Gravatar.  This is the best and easiest to use Cloud App on the market. All Gravatar does is create a picture business card.  This business card is put on blogs that you comment on.  This […]

7 laws of Promoting Your Small Business Online

We live in an Internet world.  If you have a business then you need a website and social media.  I cover a lot of that with my How to start a website corner stone.  The truth is, promoting online really helps get customers locally and internationally. The problem that most people have with promoting their […]

7 Things Your Customers Need To See On Your Small Business Website

A small business website is giving the customer what he/she wants whenever they want it. It could be 2am, you’re sleeping, but someone is looking at your website. They are able to interact virtually with your company. The concept is great! But are you giving your customers and potential customers what they need? These are […]

Creative Ways to Build a Following With Content Marketing

This is a continuation of ‘What is small business content marketing’.  To understand and use content marketing for your small business website, you need to look at it like reporters do.  Think of the ‘who, what, where, when and why’.  In this blog post we are talking about the ‘who’. Who are your customers? I’m […]

What is Small Business Website Content Marketing?

 Small Business Website Content Why does your small business need a website? A website is a tool for your business. A small business website markets your business online. Meaning, it attracts new customers and keeps old ones. For your website to do this, you need to constantly maintain it, like you would a store front […]

Small Business Website Keyword Secrets

What are your website keywords?  Since we are on the subject of ‘How to Start a Website‘, we need to understand how keywords work. Let’s go backwards here.  If you want to find out how make the best Margarita what do you type into Google? [How to make the best margarita] – or the –[ the […]